What is Aquamation?

Aquamation (Alkaline hydrolysis) is a gentle, water-based method of accelerating the natural process which occurs over time when a pet is naturally buried. Using water, potassium, and sodium salts, the organic matter of the body is reduced to dissolved salts and calcium phosphate bone “ash”.

The process uses 90% less energy than flame-based pet cremation, no harmful greenhouse
gases or mercury emission, and eliminates all chemicals or diseases that might be present at
the time of death (including viruses, bacteria, chemotherapy agents, euthanasia solution, and
medications.) The water byproduct, or effluent, is shown to improve municipal water systems. The effluent may also be used as a natural, chemical free fertilizer.

Aquamation was originally patented in 1888, however only in recent years has it gained increasing popularity within households. Aquamation was used to dispose of the cattle impacted by the mad cow epidemic, as it was one of the best methods to neutralize the mad cow pathogen. Many universities have been using aquamation for final remains processing of both humans and animals.

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