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We offer Individual and communal aquamation. Individual aquamations allow for ashes to be returned to the family. There are no ashes returned from communal aquamations. When pets are taken into our care they are given an ID # to ensure that the pet is properly identified until they are returned to the family.

Beloved Waters has two individual aquamation packages. We offer many memorial items for your beloved pet. Our comfort room is available if you’d like to spend time with your pet before we begin our aquamation services.

Aquamation Packages

We have two packages to choose from, the Eco and Deluxe. The Eco package includes aquamation with ash remains returned in a Paw Pod biodegradable urn, a fur clipping, paw print on canvas board, and a certificate of aquamation. The Deluxe includes a wooden photo urn, clay paw print, fur clipping and a certificate of aquamation.

Complimentary Vet Pickup Available

We offer complimentary pickup at veterinary offices within our service area. Our service area includes Rutherford, Davidson, Williamson, Wilson and Bedford counties.

Home Pickups

Home pickups are available for an additional charge.

Eco Package

Includes Paw Pod biodegradable urn, fur clipping, paw print on canvas board, and certificate of aquamation.
Beloved Waters Pet Cremation Eco-Package
Beloved Certificate of Aquamation

Deluxe Package

Includes photo urn, clay paw print, fur clipping, and certificate of aquamation. Engraving is additional: $20 for one line. $30 for 2 lines.

Non-Return Aquamation

Non-Return or Communal Aquamation is a lower cost option where the pet is processed with other pets. Due to this the remains cannot be returned. Memorial items may be added by requesting prior to pickup.
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