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You may ask that your vet clinic hold the body for Beloved Waters, regardless of the aftercare vendor your vet currently uses. Most vet clinics are willing to help with your preferred after care arrangements. We have found that some clinics request a small deposit to hold the body.

Yes! Move the body to a location protected from wildlife and the elements. Place absorbent pads (house training pee pads work great for this) under the face and hindquarters of the pet to contain any fluids, and position the body into a sleeping position with the legs tucked in close. It is best to keep the body cool and dry. This can be done with ice packs placed on the stomach. If possible, an ice pack underneath is beneficial as well. We have even had a client use dry ice while making their aftercare arrangements! If there are any unpleasant odors developing you can use odor neutralizing sprays, scented candles, or essential oils.

Pace makers and stainless steel implants can be returned following aquamation. If the family does not wish to receive these items back, Beloved Waters will see that they are donated or recycled.

Yes, the cremains are 100% safe, pathogen and disease free. The ash that is returned to the family is simply bone mineral, or calcium phosphate. The ashes can be kept in an urn, or may be buried or scattered in a special place.

Yes!!! Beloved Waters is proud to partner with Paws To Remember if an officiant is requested. https://pawstoremembernashville.com

Our vet partners may have negotiated additional services into their packages, for example, we may do home returns for the clinic. Whereas for a walk-in client we charge additional for a home return. Also, the clinic staff have to be trained to answer questions about aquamation. 

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