Beloved Waters Pet Aquamation

Beloved Waters is an environmentally friendly and gentle afterlife care provider for pets. We offer an alkali water alternative to flame based pet cremation called Aquamation. Allow us to care for your pet and help you remember your beloved friend.

Beloved Waters Pet Cremation Service

What is the Difference Between Pet Cremation & Pet Aquamation?

A green and gentle alternative


Beloved Waters Pet Aquamation is a gentle and green alternative to traditional flame based pet cremation. An alkali water solution washes over the pet, leaving behind the mineral bone ash, which can be returned to the pet parent.

Beloved Waters Services

Losing a pet is difficult. We are here to help make the afterlife care process as simple as possible.

Beloved Waters Pet Crematory

Aquamation Packages

We offer private packages with a biodegradable urn, fur clipping and paw print on canvas board.

Free vet pickups in our service areas

We offer free vet pickups anywhere in the following counties: Rutherford, Davidson, Williamson, Wilson, and Bedford.

Home pickup

We offer home pickups for a minimal fee.

Information for Pet Parents


Our info page contains information which we hope will help pet parents through this difficult time.

Aquamation Packages


Beloved Waters Aquamation offers two pre-designed packages available for your convenience. We also have several other urn and memorial items for your pet memorial.

Eco Package

The Eco package comes with a biodegradable urn, ink paw print, and fur clipping.

Deluxe Package

Includes a wooden photo urn, clay paw print and fur clipping.

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We're here for you

We’ll help you take care of everything – just give us a call. (Office Hours: By Appointment Only. Do not visit the office without calling first, as we may be out on a service call.)